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  • Organic Based Lawn Care
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  • Aeration & Over Seeding
  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Vegetation Control
  • Snow Removal

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Lawn Care Ringwood NJ | Lawn Care Services | Mosquito Control

BRS Landscape Care was established in 2009 in the great city of Ringwood, New Jersey. Since our company came into its own, we have brought the best in organic based lawn care and Tick and Mosquito applications. While the company itself is less than a decade old, our owner got his start in tending to lawns much sooner than that. As a young child, he developed a passion for lawn care service when he and his brother began cutting neighbor's lawns with a riding mower. Since they did such a great job, word of mouth spread, until he became able to grow his lawn mowing into a certified and licensed fully rounded organically based lawn care service that goes way beyond just grass cutting. BRS Landscape Care will not only provide you with the most neatly cut lawn, but gives it full service maintenance and nourishment, while also repelling pests in the form of weed and mosquito control. What started with two kids and a single mower grew into a full fleet of trucks and an exceptional team of certified technicians who are just as capable as anyone in our industry. We thrive in this realm, having developed a mantra that the grass is greener on this side. Any lawn care application is a multi-step procedure carried out periodically over months. In our case, we have four steps, starting in early spring. It focuses heavily on prevention of plant pests like crabgrass and other undesirable flora as well as the repelling of insects and grubs. It speaks to our other saying in lawn care, which is, if you've got weeds, we have an app for that. We use a revolutionary organic product called Holganix, consisting of microorganisms, in order to nourish your lawn. You will have come to the right place. At BRS Landscape, our belief in organic treatments extends to faunal pest control. BRS Landscape Care's organic tick and mosquito control treatments will repel the bad bugs, while at the same time making sure the good ones stay around and help in maintaining your lawn and landscape. To have the best looking lawn on the block, no part of the maintenance can be overlooked. And for the layman, an often forgotten project is aeration of the grass. While making small holes might not seem important, it alleviates the problem of periodic soil compaction that can reduce your lawn's ability to take in our all natural fertilizer. This task also lays the groundwork for its partnered lawn service of overseeding. After we make the holes, we fill them with a premium quality seed that will further thicken your lawn, and enable you and your family to thoroughly enjoy a day outside on it. If you think you might be interested in turning away from all of those man-made chemicals that can be hazardous to your health, as well as being environmentally toxic, why not trust BRS Landscape Care to give you the organic based lawn care service that you are looking for? There is no other locally based lawn care service in Ringwood, NJ that will be able to do it any better than we can. We stand 100 percent behind our work and believe passionately in the products and approach that we use. We are determined to satisfy each one of our customers each day of our operation. Please give us a call. You will be glad that you did.

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