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BRS Landscape Care was established in 2009 in the great city of Ringwood, New Jersey. Since, we have strived to be the best of organic lawn care and landscaping in the area. BRS Landscape has put customer service first to ensure that you have the green and beautiful lawn that will help you stand out in the neighborhood.

Lawn Care
We’ve provided top-notch lawn and landscaping care to the businesses and residents in and around Ringwood, NJ. Our customers know the grass is greener on this side. Any lawn care application is a multi-step procedure carried out periodically over months. In our case, it has five steps, starting in early spring. There are two treatments for the spring and autumn seasons, and once in the summer. It focuses heavily on prevention of plant pests like crabgrass and other weeds as well as the repelling of insects and grubs. It speaks to our other saying in lawn care, which is, if you’ve got weeds, we’ve got an app for that. We use a revolutionary organic product called Holganix, consisting of microorganisms rather than chemicals, in order to nourish your lawn. Our staff also is the most able at the often underestimated tasks such as aeration and overseeding. 

Tick & Mosquito Control
BRS Landscape Care is dedicated to making your outside free from pests as much as possible. Our fully organic tick and mosquito control application will help reduce the presence of ticks & mosqutios on your property. If you are planning an outdoor event call BRS first to come treat your property and help protect your guests.

Snow Removal
Our landscaping services don’t stop in the cold months. We offer a valuable additional service for the winter. If you’re interested in saving yourself from having to go out into the cold when the inevitable snowfalls come, we would be happy to do it for you. BRS Landscape Care will remove your snow from your walks and driveway for a very affordable price. And we do the job just as well as anyone, and in a timely fashion. You will not have to worry about getting your car stuck in the snow when pulling out of the garage. This includes salting and de-icing, so you and passers-by will not slip and fall on an icy surface in front of your home. We will be out there regardless of how much or how little you get. We have plows and blowers at the ready for those heavy snowfalls, as well as manual shovels for the light couple of inches.

Are you interested in departing from the approach of exposing your sod, plants, and mulch to the traditional hazardous chemicals and going towards an all-natural method of landscaping? There is nobody better to do this for you than BRS Landscape Care. There is always room for you in our business. Serving the area of Ringwood, we look forward to building a long-term working relationship with you. Call us today for a quote.